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WRAPSTAR & WAVER DUO - Sauvage Beauty


Geïnspireerd door haar fans van over de hele wereld, viert invisibobble® hun diversiteit en gevoel voor stijl. De Sauvage Beauty Set is voor diegenen die dapper genoeg zijn om hun innerlijke schoonheid uit te drukken. De Set bevat onze WRAPSTAR Cat in the City samen met 3 WAVERS Wildlife Nightlife.

  • haarminnend
  • multistyling opties
  • 2-in-1 haarstrik en zachte lintband
  • pas je up-do aan

Kleur: Roze leo-print (WRAPSTAR), transparant met gouden klinknagels en roze kralen (WAVERS)

Inhoud: 1 Pkg. bevat 1 invisibobble® WRAPSTAR - Cat In The City en 3 invisibobble® WAVER - Wildlife Nightlife

Beoordelingen van klanten

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Pretty, but useless

I bought this set, came with no instructions. At first I just tried to use the hair tie for ponytail, as shown on the drawing on the package. Did not work. The tie is very, very loose, I did it thrice and thought it got some nice hold... but it was floppy, so I thought maybe it would work better if I wrap the ribbon part around the ponytail. Also didn't work, the ribbon is at wrong angle and too slippery, and it turned out the tie is so loose it started to slip down my ponytail while I was trying to do the ribbon. I gave up, come to the website for instructions... still I browse and browse through this site and could not find a clear instruction for this product.
The rest of the set is three clips/barrettes, also disappointing because they are also very loose and don't hold hair in place. Can be used only for bigger section of hair, which is impractical given its width is pretty small.
Overall, very impractical and disappointing products for me. Maybe I'm using it wrong, but how am I supposed to know if there are no instructions available?

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